Twitter goes crazy with ‚$1 million BTC offer‘ from rapper Megan Thee Stallion

Popular rapper Megan Thee Stallion joined Square’s Cash App to launch a $1 million Bitcoins offer on Twitter.

Cash App, the Bitcoin-compatible payment application from US financial services company Square, has teamed up with Grammy nominated rapper Megan Thee Stallion in a $1 million Bitcoin (BTC) donation.

Megan announced the promotional campaign via Twitter on December 17th. The post has received more than 60,000 hits and 8,800 retuits so far. The rapper encouraged her followers to post „#BITCOINMEG“ to be part of the draw.

The post does not make clear how much BTC each person will receive, saying: „I am giving $1 MILLION in Bitcoin for as many fans as I can. Numerous responses on Twitter show screenshots of the winners, indicating that they received 50,000 satoshis each, worth about US$11.40 at the time of writing this article.

It seems that many of Meg’s followers are unaware of the value of Bitcoin that individual users receive, with responses to her post containing ultrasound images of pregnant babies, links to college application forms, a variety of bad luck stories, and pictures of smiling children gathered by Christmas trees in an attempt to soften the rapper’s heart.

One user claimed to have bought a Tesla after misinterpreting that he would receive $50,000.

Amid cries for help, computer science expert „William Clemente III“ urged Megan’s followers to manipulate their newly discovered satoshis, sharing an image detailing the inflation of German brands for gold in the last century, along with the appeal:

„Don’t convert! The aim of this is to increase the understanding of bitcoin. Dollars are garbage. 30% of all dollars were printed THIS year. On the other hand, the new BTC offer rate cut in half. Bitcoin will grow exponentially against the dollar because it is scarce. ”

The campaign seems to have been successful in its goal of boosting the adoption of Bitcoin and Cash App among those who still do not know the crypto world, with many Megan fans stating that they downloaded Cash App exclusively to participate in the draw and others indicating that they intend to research more about cryptomoedas after receiving their first satoshis.